Next generation of business:

Incubating and accelerating start-up companies

Our vision: Shape a smarter business future together with next-generation entrepreneurs

Family-run group of enabler companies

As a family-run group of enabler companies, we provide an environment for start-up companies to accelerate their growth and become the next corporate leaders.

With our entrepreneurial experience, financial support, administrative services, SW/HW engineering, industrialization expertise and network, we act as an incubator to give young companies a distinct impact on their journey to form a sustainable, successful and resilient business that generates value.

Smart Materials such as Shaped Memory Alloys and Artificial Intelligence in an environment of Software as a Service, Function on Demand and Internet of Things applications are our focus to empower young companies and build their markets with accelerated speed.

With enthusiasm and passion

With the enthusiasm and passion of a young entrepreneur, in over 30 years we have successfully built a global, family-owned industrial group serving highly innovative industries in a B2B business model.

Successful business models in the future will require a transformation of industries to bring ecological and economical targets in line with each other. The mass production business, as we have been doing for the past decades, will approach its end of life while new business ideas are born to open new market opportunities.

We firmly believe that successful and sustainable future business models are more oriented towards user rather than consumer behavior, which enables us to better reconcile ecological and economical interests.

What we do

Our focus

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smart materials
artificial intelligence
incubator, accelerator

Smart Materials

  • Shaped Memory Alloy

Artificial Intelligence

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Function on Demand (FoD)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Incubating Start-ups

  • Financial support, organizational resources
  • Strategy, entrepreneurial experience
  • Business angel, networking

Accelerating Start-ups

  • Mechanical/electronic engineering & prototyping
  • Industrialization & manufacturing
  • Purchasing

Who we are

The heads behind

represents the corporate of our incubator organization. Our team has many years of industrial experience and entrepreneurship in a family-owned industrial group.

We understand the way a small start-up business is run and what it takes to grow the business over the years.

Strategy, financing, financial and human resource services or just access to start-up networks are core competencies that we support as corporate functions.

Services such as engineering, industrialization and manufacturing are the capabilities within our group organization that can be accessed when needed.

Get an idea of who we are:


Andreas & Markus Gebhardt
Founder & Managing Directors

Entrepreneurship remains our lifelong passion. With the transformation of our company, our scope has changed, but our passion as entrepreneurs sustains.


Andreas & Markus Gebhardt
Founder & Managing Directors

Being an entrepreneur is genetic for us. Growing up in an entrepreneur family and becoming entrepreneur in the young age of 26, we have developed our family business together over 30 years into a remarkable industrial group that has become one of the market leaders in automotive industry.

With the sale of our automotive division, we transformed our company into an industrial group that empowers start-ups entering the market.

Our spirit of supporting start-ups and making it a win-win for young entrepreneurs and us derives from our history as young and passionate entrepreneurs.

It simply is our vision that shaking hands with next-generation entrepreneurs can have an impact on industry change by incubating and accelerating start-up companies on their journey to market leadership.

Our background in industrial engineering, manufacturing, shared leadership, finance and economics, international business culture, sustainability, automotive and medical business, and desire to explore new smart technologies for both – hardware and software – bring us into a partnership with the next generation of founders.


Michael Hildisch
CFO & Venture Capital Advisor

Having worked in private equity, venture capital and operating finance responsibilities in several industries for many years, it is my passion to support young entrepreneurs and their ventures.


Michael Hildisch
CFO & Venture Capital Advisor

Young entrepreneurs can profit from my experience in operational finance, capital funding, business planning, organization building and contractual affairs.

During my various professional tenures, I have seen many business strategies, some of them rocketing, some of them failing. Passing on this experience to young professionals with excellent business concepts in order to leverage their endeavors and to avoid traps on our common path to success can be a win-win for you and us.

In particular I support in structuring and implementing all kinds of equity funding from first round to IPO, mezzanine and debt funding, liquidity management, business plan assessment, management of transactions and processes, contract negotiations and (re-)organization programs.

I look forward to meeting you.


Julia Jürgensen
Senior Executive Assistant

Your point of contact for shareholder and financial issues as well as communication.

As multilingual Senior Executive Assistant with strong organization skills and competency in business administration, I am managing administrative issues of and its affiliated companies.

For more than two decades, I enjoy working with Andreas and Markus Gebhardt.


Ute Zauleck
Senior Executive Assistant

Professional Senior Executive Assistant on an international base with extensive experience in communications, travel, event and sale processes.

I am your contact person for administrative issues and communication.

In charge of HR services I am directing HR processes for and affiliated companies, serving as a link between management, staff and HR accounting.